Negotiation Insights Series by Prof. Deepak Malhotra

Welcome to the Negotiation Insights Series.  Below you will find numerous short videos, each focusing on an important topic related to negotiation. In each clip, I highlight principles, tactics & approaches that should help you achieve better outcomes in deals, disputes and relationships of all kinds.  New clips are added almost daily and all videos are free for anyone to watch. Feel free to revisit often, and to share this website with others in your organization & community.  (The most recent videos are always on top.)  If you want to learn more, here are my 2 award-winning & best-selling books on negotiation: 


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Good luck to you in your future negotiations.

40. Why (& How) to Interpret Demands as Opportunities in Negotiation

39. How to Walk Away When the Other Sides Wants to Shop Around

38. My Advice on How to Give Advice: 2 Tips

37. Why Great Negotiators Safeguard Their Credibility at All Costs

36. One Crucial Objective for Your Toughest Negotiations

35. 5 Reasons Not to Treat Negotiation Like a Game of Chess

34. Leading and Negotiating During a Crisis: 5 Tips

33. Smart Leaders Don't Reward People For Coming Up with the Right Answer

32. Avoid Strategic Mistakes by Mapping Out the Negotiation Space

31. Advice for When You're Not Negotiating with the Final Decision Maker

30. Are You Too Focused on "Getting to Yes" in Negotiations?

29. The Benefit of Honestly Revealing Your Priorities in Negotiations

28. Why (& How) to Avoid Surprising the Other Side in Negotiations

27. When Negotiating, Don't Let Your Offer Speak for Itself

26. Strike the Right Balance: Assertive on Deal Value, Flexible on Deal Structure

25. 3 Smart Alternatives to Lying in Negotiation

24. The Importance of Why, How & When in Negotiations

23. How to Use "one last thing" for Leverage in Negotiation

22. Three Tips for Making Concessions in Negotiation

21. Three Key Objectives When Negotiating the Process

20. When to Use Ultimatums & When to Avoid Them

19. How to Fail Smarter in Difficult Negotiations

18. 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing for Negotiation

17. The 3 Barriers You Need to Overcome for Negotiations to Succeed

16. A Technique for Detecting Lies in Negotiation

15. Negotiator Beware: Don't Assume They Understand the Signals You're Sending

14. How to Negotiate When All Previous Attempts Have Failed

13. A Strategy for Avoiding Future Conflict: Normalize the Process

12. Don't Let Your Negotiations End at "No"

11. How to Negotiate on Zoom: Challenges & Solutions

10. Negotiating from a Position of Weakness - A Key Insight

9. How to Respond When the Customer Says Your Price is Too High

8. Negotiating with "Irrational" People

7. Don't Just Prepare Your Arguments, Prepare Your Audience

6. Making Sure Your Concessions are Rewarded, Not Exploited

5. Patience vs Persistence vs Perseverance

4. How to Stop Arguing About What Each Side Wants

3. Negotiate Process Before Substance

2. The Right Mindset for Negotiations

1. Introduction to the "Negotiation Insights Series"

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